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Mario Maioli has not been content to become a simple architect, but over the years he has dedicated himself to many research fields ranging from teaching to design, from architecture to design and painting, combining inspiration and technique with perfect consistency.
From his hand were born buildings, models for cars, but also collages and technological jewels. His career can be read as a journey in equilibrium oscillating between the activity of the designer in a strict sense, which has a lot to what to do with the constraints and the material limits of the object to be realised, and the creative freedom of artistic activity. The volume, which contains documents that testify his professional activity from 1959 to 2000, consists of a first autobiographical part, which includes the first works as a designer with Pierluigi Spadolini, those in the professional studio in Milan with Giuliano Guiducci and Pierluigi Spadolini (1959-1965) in addition to some projects for the Tekne company in Milan (1966 -1972). Another part collects the urban activity and the car design of the period Turin (1973-1992). The final part includes the activity in painting and jewellery design (1992-2005).
Finally, a separate chapter includes some of his writings and interviews.

Title: Progetti e Archivio dal 1959

A cura di: Mario Maioli, Anty Pansera
Pagine: 392
Misure: 21 x 29,7 cm.
Legatura: Brossura con alette
Edizione: Italiana e Inglese
ISBN: 978-88-422-2028-2

Editor: Allemandi & C

Title: Mario Maioli

A cura di: Gabriella Bossi Dal Lago

Editor: Fabbri Editore

Year: 1990

Progetti e Archivio.jpg

Further information on Mario Maioli's professional career has been donated to
The Documentation Centre of the National Automobile Museum of Torino

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