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The following video clips have been recorded during the presentation of Mario Maioli's book "Progetti e Archivio dal 1959" (Museo dell'Automobile di Torino)

Rodolfo Gaffino Rossi introduces the pannel (Turin 2011)

Nevio Di Gusto recalls his experience on working with Mario Maioli at Fiat Auto (Turin 2011)

Anty Pansera on the value and contribution of Mario Maioli book "Progetti e Archivio dal 1959" (Turin 2011)

Gian Mario Rossigolo recalls how Mario Maioli joined Fiat Auto (Turin 2011)

Stefano Jacoponi recalls working with Mario Maioli at Fiat Auto (Turin 2011)

Mario Maioli recals his career (Turin 2011)

Mario Maioli on the future of mobility and electric cars (Turin 2011)

The following was recorded at the Targa Rodolfo Bonetto 2018 Event where Mario Maioli received the gold Prize. Marco Bonetto and Nevio Di Giusto share some memories of Mario Maioli's working experience and Mario recalls another great designer Rodolfo Bonetto

Prize Giving

Remembering Fiat Years

Remembering Rodolfo Bonetto

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